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Gameboard Gallery
Custom Made By The Creator

Most Definitely Not Mass Produced In China.

Ultra Collectible Game-Portals

Sequentially-Numbered To Identify Product.

Guaranteed Original Arenas

Comes With A Certificate Of Authenticity.


The long and short of it is that the ​'Arena-Decks' contain Heroes in the form of Warriors, Gladiators and Gods-Vicious-Babies dedicated to Protect-The-Core! In one word, the: Goodies!


​The year is 2520 and the StarArena and Last Arcade in Cyber Space are Under-Siege by Demon-Legions aiming to destroy the last remnants of 'Humankind' from existence; Who Will Survive?


The ​'Demon-Decks​' contain ​ultra Evil-Bastards under command of ​the Generals from Hell intent on dragging cyberspace into Eternal-Damnation! Summarized as the; Baddies!​

The Aim Of The Game: Engage & Prevail!

“Be Victorious or be Vanquished on this Strategic Multi-Leveled Rotating Tabletop Boardgame!
As you Battle your way to the Top to gain The Grand-Prize of Sanctuary and Take The Coins!!”

StarArena T02

The-Arena-Game must be played in combination with the Collectible-Card-Game!

* The Cards, Coins and (extra) Miniatures are sold and collected separately.

Get your Gameboard today and help this 'GameSmith' on his way...

The Game-Portals Were Made To Legitimize Drawing Murder & Mayhem As A Hobby Or Job…

Drawing Comics & Cards Is Definitely A Kids Dream, But Not The Kind Of Profession Most Parents Wish You To Have When You Grow Up!?  …For It Does Not Exactly Bring Home The Bacon?

Help Keep The Dream Alive And Support Further Game Development;
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