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Multi-Leveled Rotating Table Top Sensation.

Severely Battle Tested By Time

Designed by the Creator of the StarArena®.​

Must-Have On The Game-Shelf

And A Notorious Instant Timeless Classic!

A Chance To Be A Part Of Game History; Become A 'Warlord' In Your Region By Hosting Tournaments And Have Gladiators Battle In Your Own Arena!

Words spoken by the creator of StarArena in conversation:
The Card & Board-game is reminiscent of the times I spent in the Arcades, where I preferred playing side-scroller beat ’em ups! Meanwhile, life after graffiti is a whole lot less exciting than when your narrator was a Vandal and a Toy-King. Nevertheless, just cant seem to shake the attitude that drove me to Tag-Up!

These game boards can be purchased for their aesthetics and become the Pride of your Art-Collection. Or… For their true purpose as the artist intended them to be: A Timeless Playground for Card Battles. Either way, they embody the artist’s creative-drive and capture the true spirit of “Getting-Up and Fighting-Your-Way to the Top!”

But these are mere echoes from a misspent youth of a juvenile delinquent and his fellow crew mates, leading up to the drumbeat of future events. Things change and evolve, and in no way is this a Graffiti-Game. However, it would not be what it is without my history as a Writer and making you aware of my Nom-De-Guerre: ANGEL Toy-Baby-Hero!

Be it; Vandal, Artist, Hooligan or Artisan?
My Creative-Exploits can be found in the StarArena.

About StarArena®Games...

The company is a one-man factory run by PJay_BabyAngel_Frith. It started as a hobby project in 1995 and was reopened in 2010 to spend his downtime on, in between commissions as a Woodsmith. He always told himself that someday he would focus on it full-time, until Covid kicked his ass in December 2020. Three years later, it seems unlikely that ‘ANGEL’ will return to carpentry in full capacity.

Little did he know that he was working on his forced retirement plan. This is now his Trade and Craft.

In a way, you could say that StarArena keeps me out of trouble when I’m not doing Graphiti.

Ever since my days in ‘Crime Time Kings,’ it has been a goal to create a game someday. However, as a teenager, I was simply too young to put it together and start such a project.

In my twenties, my focus is on creating comics featuring Gods-Vicious-Babies in The-Baby-Hype, and developing my skills as a draftsman. Near the end of that decade, this creative drive led to The-Card-Game and The-Arena-Game at Studio TBH-Q. All the while, I am still an active writer.

In my early thirties, I find myself unable to get published without signing away my copyrights. Self-publication, on the other hand, leads to financial ruin, and TBH-Q closes its doors. Everything is packed into boxes, including my love for drawing in the years to come. Evidently, I also stop tagging.

As I enter my forties, I find myself returning to drawing after a gap of half a decade. I have decided to reopen the boxes and dust off the Old StarArena.​  In need of a new ‘Hobby’ to calm my creative urge, your humble narrator decided to rebuild the StarArena from the ground up and an overhaul commences.

After close inspection, the Game-Mechanics seemed solid, but the backstory from the previous millennium was certainly something I had outgrown. Graphic-Design has always been a valuable commodity and second nature to me, leading to the first order of business​; Refreshing ​the Design-Documents.

Coincidentally, the technology that was intended to be used ten​ or twenty years earlier has advanced and finally become accessible, bringing us the Black & White-Edition Gameboards. This is followed by the 3D printing of Miniatures and Card​-Modems in a later stage, completing all game paraphernalia. It is something that was once out of reach years ago but is now a dream come true.

As your protagonist enters his fifties and is determined to create new Comics & Cards, he is met with a head-on collision with Corona! Unable to continue working as a carpenter and suffering from Long-COVID, your faithful gamesmith spends his time building a Compendium and completing the Story-Design! After years of preparation, the artist is now ready to embark on his greatest adventure yet: Going Into Game-Production and drawing Comics & Cards.

Acquiring a Limited-Edition StarArena® Game-Portal will help fund this crusade, and you will ‘own’ a piece of gaming history! 

It is both Playable Art and Art You Can Play With.

Get your Gameboard today and help this 'GameSmith' on his way...

So Again…
The Game-Portals Were Made To Legitimize Drawing Murder & Mayhem As A Hobby Or Job…

Drawing Comics & Cards Is Definitely A Kids Dream, And Not The Kind Of Profession Most Parents Wish Their Children To Pursue When They Grow Up!?  …For It Does Not Exactly Bring Home The Bacon?

Help Keep The Dream Alive And Support Further Game Development;
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