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Words spoken by the creator of StarArena in conversation;
When I entered my teens; coin operated Arcade and Pinball machines were common entertainment in public venues. Atari had launched their home video game console, kids still played outside all day long, phones never left your house, and brace yourself, there was NO internet!

As a kid I enjoyed reading The Victor, Warlord and Commando comics before getting hooked on 2000AD. In my misspent youth I naturally gravitated towards Voluntary Defacing Public Property and soon became consumed with racking markers, paint or ink and started tagging at age ten.

Star Arena Comics are a mixture of overcoming adversity and facing down demons, fueled by the valorous vocation of a vandalizing virtuoso with a love for Graphic Violence and Game Gore Galore!

It takes a special brand of idiot to like this shit! …But if this is your Cup O’ Tea?
Feel~Free to obtain one of the Original Artboards made for the StarArena® Card Game.

About Star Arena Games...

The company is a one-man factory run by PJay_BabyAngel_Frith. It started as a hobby project in 1995 and was reopened in 2010 to spend his downtime on, in between commissions as a Woodsmith. He always told himself that someday he would focus on it full-time, until Covid kicked his ass in December 2020. Three years later, it seems unlikely that ‘ANGEL’ will return to carpentry in full capacity.

Little did he know that he was working on his forced retirement plan. This is now his Trade and Craft.

So obviously a lot has changed since the 1980’s, but to my surprise I have been amidst the Digital-Revolution since birth. The Internet-Explosion in the mid 90’s had been in the making for a while before it became the World Wide Web.

The point I am driving at is that I am no stranger to computers and have seen and been at the rise of Electronic-Artwork in various forms.

Nevertheless, when it comes down to my personal preferences; “I Be Kicking It Old School!”

When it comes down to drawing, I choose Pencil over Stylus any day of the week! For I love Carving the Lead through the surface and Tattooing the Ink into the Paper when I am outlining my artwork in a way that will never ever compare to working on a tablet…

And there is that sense of thrill where you need to trust your skill while working without the ‘Undo Last Action’ command option and possibly Fuck-Up your whole drawing with one fatal pen stroke!

So yes, I work in Traditional Media and as a result the Original Artwork is Tangible and One of a Kind and not some file with cleverly arranged ones and zeroes on a hard drive somewhere to be copied into infinity.  All Artwork is Hand Drawn and Sketchy as Hell; Because that’s How I Roll!

At danger of sounding like a techno troglodyte, I don’t do NFT’s and offer only the Real Deal: Original Artwork! …One unique Piece of Paper the Artist worked on for a few hours in his pursuit to create a kick ass Card Game.

As such, this is your chance to ‘Own’ a Piece of Game History!

Get your Gameboard today and help this 'GameSmith' on his way...

So Again…
The Game-Portals Were Made To Legitimize Drawing Murder & Mayhem As A Hobby Or Job…

Drawing Comics & Cards Is Definitely A Kids Dream, And Not The Kind Of Profession Most Parents Wish Their Children To Pursue When They Grow Up!?  …For It Does Not Exactly Bring Home The Bacon?

Help Keep The Dream Alive And Support Further Game Development;
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