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Archetypal Game-Portals

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Black-Edition Game-Portals

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White-Edition Game-Portals

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Custom Made Gameboards

All 'Game-Boards' Were Created For The Card Game.

The Aim of the Game is to: Reach Top First And Claim Treasure!
If the Game Gods take notice or favor your Battle Mettle and Fighting Fortitude;
You could be gifted Sanctuary into The Arcade and muster you for the Grand Battle Royale!

Only True Champions and Glorious Gladiators from any Code, Breed and Creed are granted Sanctuary into The Arcade. If you win a Match and you ‘still’ see your friends at the game table;

“This means you have NOT been ‘Holoported’ to the StarArena_MetaVerse and you have to keep battling the ranks to make the cut! Keep Training And Play Another Game!!

To The Victor Go The Spoils Of The Battle Sims!

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