Battle-Box 2005


The StarArena Battle-Box 2005 is the twin copy of a set produced in 2003. However, it features a Second-Edition game board and contains minimal battle damage.

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Limited-Edition Game-Board Guarantee & Delivery.

  • Package Includes 4 x Pawns And 1 x Dice (D8) In The Box.
  • Comes With A Certificate-Of-Authenticity Signed By The Creator.
  • You Buy A Gameboard For The Art, Or To Host Arena Battles With Cards.
  • None Of These Game Portals Are 100% Identical And Therefore They Are Put Up For Sale As Individual Game Units. Find Your Favorite.

The StarArena Battle-Box 2005 mostly stayed at Home-Base or went to manufacturers for presentation purposes, remaining in near mint condition. Star-Command is putting it up for sale to make free space in storage and hopefully generate some capital to reinvest in new prototypes.


This Battle-Box contains: An Original Limited-Edition 2003 StarArena Gameboard and the Original 2003 Game-Decks hastily put together for an art show. One last remark: The exorbitant quotes received for manufacturing and/or production of the Battle-Box have played a significant role in the decision to split up The Card Game and The Arena Game.

View the ‘The Making Of’ portfolio for the Early-Editions here.

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Battle-Box 2005Battle-Box 2005

Availability: 1 in stock