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Game portal StarArena 128 is part of Batch #18, where an attempt is made to settle the debate on whether the Black or White Editions are cooler.

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Limited-Edition Game-Board Guarantee & Delivery.

  • Package Includes 4 x Pawns And 1 x Dice (D8) In The Box.
  • Comes With A Certificate-Of-Authenticity Signed By The Creator.
  • You Buy A Gameboard For The Art, Or To Host Arena Battles With Cards.
  • None Of These Game Portals Are 100% Identical And Therefore They Are Put Up For Sale As Individual Game Units. Find Your Favorite.

StarArena 128 is a part of Batch #18, where an attempt is made to reduce the brightness of the White-Editions. A black patch of background is added to the base plate and the season ring, but without the star-speckle effect. Is it less enchanting? However, it produces a rare dozen.

All game portals with sequential numbering are based on the mechanical upgrades of the Second-Edition. The item and design was resized to better fit its transportation box.

Guaranteed Unique Preproduction Prototypes.

This article aims to explain and underline how monstrous high the ‘Collectible Value’ is on these custom made Game Boards. The Star Arena_Classic 2017 Whiteboards are a step up the ladder towards large scale production. With the graphics now directly UV Printed onto the boards, the process of the Limited Editions becomes more streamlined and a little less insanely expensive.

Collect one of the Playable Works Of Art and own a Piece Of Game History!


A few years later after the release of the Blackboards from 2015, your humble Game Smith started searching for a more Economic Solution to the production of the game units. The reason for this was to fill the gap before the apex collectible ‘Luxury Deluxe’ edition with more affordable Patron Rewards. Hidden in the selection of Base Materials and a way to cut costs, are born the necessity for: The Whiteboards.

On the left we have a Yin Yang thing going on; Because it is the exact same design as the Black Edition. Over time; The design Evolved into the more cyber flavored White Edition on the right.

Get Yourself A Gameboard And Become A Warlord!

So; Playable-Art or Art You Can Play With: StarArena 2017. Browse the Gameboard Gallery from back to front to find the individual Game-Portal that suits you best.  

View the ‘The Making Of’ StarArena 128 among the portfolio for the White-Editions here.

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 55 mm
StarArena White-Edition

This "gameboard" consists of 6 levels, with combined outer dimensions of 28 x 28 x 3.3 cm. It rotates around a brass king-pin and is UV printed on 5 mm polyvinyl black-colored foamboard. Additionally, it includes 6 luxurious clickers to correctly position the gameboard during gameplay.


This luxury display frame is UV printed on 5 mm polyvinyl black-colored foamboard, resulting in total outer dimensions of 29 x 29 x 5 cm for display and storage purposes. It contains four legends for the pictographic markings on the game portal.


The Arena-Rules are printed on the back of the game portal, ensuring they are never lost in lore or life.

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StarArena 128StarArena 128

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