StarArena T02


StarArena T02 is a technical model that falls outside the sequential series. T-models are ultra-rare collectibles and are used to test the Quality of prints.

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Limited-Edition Game-Board Guarantee & Delivery.

  • Package Includes 4 x Pawns And 1 x Dice (D8) In The Box.
  • Comes With A Certificate-Of-Authenticity Signed By The Creator.
  • You Buy A Gameboard For The Art, Or To Host Arena Battles With Cards.
  • None Of These Game Portals Are 100% Identical And Therefore They Are Put Up For Sale As Individual Game Units. Find Your Favorite.

Get Yourself A Gameboard And Become A Warlord!

Next Phase: After completing the StarArena 2015 editions, it was time to optimize the manufacturing process and reduce production costs. This new quest continued with StarArena T02, and after the debacle with the StarArena MetaVerse, a new printing-company was needed. You’d think these were a dime a dozen, right? Regretfully, not! In fact, they are quite rare, especially if you’re looking for quality work and customer care.

After scouring the internet and sifting through the results based on our production requirements, not many printing-companies made the cut. In Fact; Only two…. Stood out in such a way that made me order a T-Model and test their printing and cutting quality. One supplier was located nearby, allowing me to conveniently collect the components by bike. Additionally, they provided a competitive price. The economic reason why this company printed all White-Editions, although I preferred another that provided better print and cut quality. But, was it worth saving some coin?

Bridges Burned…

In the end, I was banned from this company for expressing my dissatisfaction in various colorful ways about incompetent individuals. And deservedly so, as your grumble game-smith started noticing a pattern, they had one excellent-operator who consistently delivered good work. However, when the order was fulfilled by another machinist (or typewriter-monkey?), the components that reached my assembly line were atrocious! The reality is that this is not a ‘Press-Button’ type project and requires skill from the operator to execute correctly. The story concludes with me being ‘sick’ of riding back-and-forth for remakes and them ‘sick’ of being called; Idiots!!

Oh yeah, just like every Technical Model ever made, these are always excellently crafted to secure the production order. The problems generally occur during the multiple-reproduction phase, which is why I kept StarArena T02 as a benchmark for quality-comparison. Since the bridges have been burned, it can be put up for sale!

All game portals with sequential numbering are based on the mechanical upgrades of the Second-Edition. The item and design was resized to better fit its transportation box.

StarArena T02

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 55 mm
StarArena White-Edition

This "gameboard" consists of 6 levels, with combined outer dimensions of 28 x 28 x 3.3 cm. It rotates around a brass king-pin and is UV printed on 5 mm polyvinyl black-colored foamboard. Additionally, it includes 6 luxurious clickers to correctly position the gameboard during gameplay.


This luxury display frame is UV printed on 5 mm polyvinyl black-colored foamboard, resulting in total outer dimensions of 29 x 29 x 5 cm for display and storage purposes. It contains four legends for the pictographic markings on the game portal.


The Arena-Rules are printed on the back of the game portal, ensuring they are never lost in lore or life.

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StarArena T02StarArena T02

Availability: 1 in stock