StarArena T03


StarArena T03 is a technical model that falls outside the sequential series. T-Models are ultra-rare collectibles and retain research value in production. One could say; They meet the Golden-Geek standard!

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Limited-Edition Game-Board Guarantee & Delivery.

  • Package Includes 4 x Pawns And 1 x Dice (D8) In The Box.
  • Comes With A Certificate-Of-Authenticity Signed By The Creator.
  • You Buy A Gameboard For The Art, Or To Host Arena Battles With Cards.
  • None Of These Game Portals Are 100% Identical And Therefore They Are Put Up For Sale As Individual Game Units. Find Your Favorite.

Get Yourself A Gameboard And Become A Warlord!

Next Phase: After completing the StarArena 2015 editions, it was time to optimize the manufacturing process and reduce production costs. This new quest continued with StarArena T03, and after the debacle with the StarArena MetaVerse, a new printing-company was needed. You’d think these were a dime a dozen, right? Regretfully, not! In fact, they are quite rare, especially if you’re looking for quality work and customer care.

EVERYTHING about the Black Editions is more expensive in terms of production and purchase, and I mean pretty much EVERYTHING! From the base materials to the graphics that require an ‘extra white base’ before printing the color, and even the glue! Yes, the ‘Black Glue’ needed to mount my materials costs triple or quadruple the price of regular super glue. This is why the production cost for Black Editions is higher than White Editions. So now you know why they are priced higher. I pay more to produce them, which means you have to pay more to own them… It can’t be helped, So Like It or Leave It.

In search of a printing station, technical-models are ordered and assembled to sample the quality of the game board components. As I mentioned earlier regarding expenses, ordering components for a single game-unit costs more than ordering a dozen. Therefore, these technical models produced outside the series have a different price tag, and you need to remember: “Not-Made-In-China!”

All game portals with sequential numbering are based on the mechanical upgrades of the Second-Edition. The item and design was resized to better fit its transportation box.

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 55 mm
StarArena Black-Edition

This "gameboard" consists of 6 levels, with combined outer dimensions of 28 x 28 x 3.3 cm. It rotates around a brass king-pin and is hand-stickered on 5 mm polyvinyl black-colored foamboard. Additionally, it includes 6 luxurious clickers to correctly position the gameboard during gameplay.


This luxury display frame is stickered on 5 mm polyvinyl black-colored foamboard, resulting in total outer dimensions of 29 x 29 x 5 cm for display and storage purposes. It contains four legends for the pictographic markings on the game portal.


The Arena-Rules are printed on the back of the game portal, ensuring they are never lost in lore or life.

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StarArena T03StarArena T03

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