StarArena Tabletop

The StarArena Tabletop is the original development tool used to create the game mechanics that are still in play today during weekly test games at Studio TBH-Q.

Limited-Edition Game-Board Guarantee & Delivery.

  • Package Includes 4 x Pawns And 1 x Dice (D8) In The Box.
  • Comes With A Certificate-Of-Authenticity Signed By The Creator.
  • You Buy A Gameboard For The Art, Or To Host Arena Battles With Cards.
  • None Of These Game Portals Are 100% Identical And Therefore They Are Put Up For Sale As Individual Game Units. Find Your Favorite.

The StarArena Tabletop is living proof that TBH never does things half-assed! They went straight from a mini Muck-Up on foam board to creating a life-size tabletop-board-game that can seat eight players. For two years, it has been the center of our weekly get-togethers and battlefield, where we brainstorm new game card ideas at the table. Sometime in 1999, it lost its flavor and the table started collecting dust until yours-truly started a revival in 2002-2003.


All of this happened before phone cameras were invented, and nobody made the effort to take any pictures. The ones that I did take with a digital camera have been lost from the backup memory banks, which is too bad, as the test-gamers came from all walks of life. But as the saying goes, “spilled milk,” eh?

These days, the StarArena Tabletop is mounted on the wall in the War-Room as a trophy and a reminder of days long~gone!

View the ‘The Making Of’ portfolio for the Early-Editions here.

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